Climate Center Celebrates Long-Serving Employees


17 November 2015
Climate Center Pipe Center Hall of Fame - ACR Journal
Andy Wighton, Dave Woodberry, John Davies, Louise Powell, Martin Cook, Chris Banner
Climate Center and Pipe Center celebrated the length of service of five of their employees who have worked for the businesses for over 150 years combined. 

Their loyalty to the company was rewarded by entering them in the company's newly formed 'Hall of Fame' which celebrates 'outstanding contribution to the business and industry'.
​This year's loyal employees entering the Hall of Fame are Dave Woodberry, branch manager at Pipe and Climate Center Basildon; Louise Powell, branch manager at Climate Center Hampshire; Tony Peers, branch manager at Pipe Center Manchester; John Davies, branch manager at Pipe Center Gloucester and Martin Cook, branch manager at Pipe Center Greenford.

Notably, the manager of the new, state-of-the-art Pipe Center and Climate Center branch in Basildon, achieved record sales this year, despite the move into the new premises. Dave has been with the business for 40 years. 

Louise Powell has served for 30 years and has helped to make the Hampshire branch the best know distributor in the region, according the Pipe Center and Climate Center. 
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