Climalife offers refrigerant training


24 June 2021

Refrigerant supplier Climalife is offering to run a series of free training sessions via a speaker programme across schools and training centres in the UK.

In collaboration with Eastleigh College students and chief assessor (RACHP), Shaun Creech, Climalife  undertook research in May this year looking into how companies within the industry can best support the students and their future careers.

UK marketing manager Mel Summers said: “The amount of feedback was incredible, and Climalife will share some of this insight at a later date. One of the overwhelming trends across all the feedback was how much the students appreciate guest speakers coming into the college to share their knowledge and expertise and how this can complement the content of their study syllabus.”

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In response to this, and in celebration of World Refrigeration Day and the cooling champions of the future, Climalife is offering to run refrigerant training via a series of speaker programmes across colleges and training centres in the UK.

Sessions will be scheduled at a time convenient to both Climalife team member(s) and the college / training centre timetables until the end of 2021.

Colleges or training centres that believe they could benefit from one of the free sessions should email [email protected].