City Multi delivers hotel upgrade


07 December 2022
Mitsubishi Electric units on the rooftop at Sheffield's Leopold Hotel

A 4-star hotel in Sheffield is benefiting from a new energy efficient air conditioning system which provides controllable comfort and air filtration for guests.

During a recent refurbishment at the Leopold Hotel, Sheffield-based Greenhill Air Conditioning installed seven new City Multi R2 VRF outdoor units, which use heat recovery to balance energy use across the hotel.  Greenhill is a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Quality Partner, meaning it is able to offer the Prem Hotel Group a 10-year warranty.

Consultants Shearstone Mechanical worked with distributor Kooltech to establish the best solution for the hotel using existing refrigerant pipework. The new systems are now keeping hotel rooms at the right temperature for guests, and also bring advanced control for hotel staff, while helping to minimise disruption during routine maintenance schedules.

“We’ve completed a number of successful projects with Kooltech, so the project seemed a perfect fit for their expertise,” said Tim Shearstone, director of Shearstone Mechanical. 

PEFY-P VMS slimline ducted indoor units were installed in each of the 90 bedrooms, with each indoor unit linking back to a Branch Controller Box that sends heating or cooling to each room as required by guests. These boxes were factory-fitted with Kooltech’s K-con port isolation valves, making future service and maintenance to individual rooms easy without the need to shut down the complete system. 

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The Leopold Hotel in Sheffield city centre

“Our engineers also installed Mitsubishi Electric’s unique Plasma Quad technology to the indoor fan coils in each bedroom to improve guest comfort and give reassurance on the back of the Covid pandemic,” said Ian Hunter, director at Greenhill AC. 

This award-winning technology improves air quality by neutralising irritants such as pollen, bacteria, dust and viruses, and microscopic particles down to PM2.5, as well as inhibiting SARS-CoV-2.