CIAT offers support with Part F changes


18 July 2023

CIAT says it can help architects and builders comply with recent changes to Part F of Schedule 1 to the Building Regulations 2010, which provides guidance on ventilation and indoor air quality (IAQ). 

The revised regulations enhance ventilation standards in both new and existing buildings to mitigate the risk of airborne contaminants and improve overall indoor comfort to meet the government’s Future Homes Standard.

“It’s reassuring to see governing bodies really considering IAQ, health and wellbeing,” said Matt Maleki, Business Development Manager, CIAT. “It is crucial for building professionals to prioritise ventilation in building design and construction. Non-compliant buildings may face penalties.”

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From compact VECTIOS air-to-air rooftop units with high-efficiency filtration, fine airflow control and CO₂ sensors, to Airtech air handling units designed for dust-controlled areas and healthcare environments, CIAT says its products are tailored to different building types and sizes and are designed to enhance IAQ while minimising energy consumption.

A key change to Part F is the introduction of new IAQ monitoring requirements, which affect occupiable rooms in buildings such as offices, hotels, gyms and theatres. The specific fan power (SFP) values and guidance have been simplified to provide more effective ventilation.