CIAT launches  DX range


16 October 2017
CIAT multi-split outdoor condensing unit
CIAT has launched a high-performance range of DX air conditioners for domestic and light commercial applications.

The range, which will be sold alongside Toshiba DX systems in the UK, includes portables, high-wall splits, floor-mounted consoles, under-ceiling units, cassettes, ducted units, plus a range of multi-split outdoor condensing units. 
David Dunn, Director and General Manager, CIAT Ozonair, said:  “CIAT has an established reputation of quality, innovation and comfort performance with its air-side products. Now, with the launch of the new DX range, CIAT’s offering covers all the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) requirements for most applications. “The launch of CIAT DX air conditioners gives installers and contractors a high-quality option at a highly competitive price point. 

“Together, the Toshiba and CIAT brands now offer a formidable and truly comprehensive range of products spanning all technologies, applications and value propositions, with everything available from a single source in the UK. With all the benefits this brings to the installer - ease of ordering, reduced paperwork and joined-up technical support - we believe it is a compelling offer and unmatched in the UK.”

CIAT’s new Stella high-wall split system offers full reversible operation under inverter control, Wi-Fi enabled control and monitoring. The high-efficiency unit has Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) values in excess of 7 and Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) values all above 4, putting it in the top rank of modern split systems.

Built in Wi-Fi connectivity allows the system to be controlled via a smart-phone, tablet or personal computer from anywhere. As an example, end users are able to turn on the unit in advance of travelling to home or work, to ensure comfortable conditions upon arrival.

The system has a self-cleaning function that, at the touch of a button, initiates a drying cycle that removes moist air from the surface of the heat exchanger inside the unit after operation to counter mould growth.

It is equipped with a refrigerant leakage detection system, which alerts users in the event of loss of refrigerant or compressor overload, so necessary remedial action can be taken.

Energy efficiency
The Mambo small commercial range of floor-standing console air conditioners features full inverter control and reversible heat pump operation. The units are highly flexible, with two air outlets and four air inlets, and can be sited on a wall or under a ceiling. Mambo consoles are equipped with a fresh-air intake port, that can easily be accessed for connection to a fresh air duct to further enhance indoor air quality.

CIAT’s new Salsa cassette heat pump air conditioner has a 360 degree air-flow design to ensure even temperature distribution across a room, without creating draughts for occupants. A ventilation motor can be added in a connected fresh air duct to further improve air quality. Salsa is available in nominal cooling capacities from 2.64 to 15.10 Kilowatt (kW), and nominal heating from 3 to 18kW. 

The new slim CIAT ducted range offers nominal cooling capacities from 3.52kW to 15.54kW and heating from 3.8kW to 17.6kW. Fully reversible and with in-built inverter control, the system offers a wide static pressure range, with a maximum static pressure of 160 pascals for high performance and energy efficiency. To speed up installation, it is possible for the installer to automatically configure the external static pressure on ducted units.

Completing the range is a series of CIAT multi-split outdoor condensing units, with options capable of serving between two and five indoor units. They can be multiplexed in combination to offer high performance, compact cooling and heating for any size of project.
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