CIAT extend rooftop packaged range with Vectios Power


24 February 2021

CIAT has introduced its latest rooftop packaged unit that focuses on all-round performance and indoor air quality.  The new Vectios Power range complements the existing Vectios range, extending capacities from 100 to 310kW with airflow rates of up to 54 000m3/h.


The VectiosPower units exceed Ecodesign 2021 requirements by up to 38% and have a

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of up to 4.88 and a Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) of up to 3.44. These new models offer efficiency gains of up to 50% in cooling and 15% in heating mode.


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Energy-saving design options include free cooling and energy recovery through extract air processing or a thermal wheel.  Low-pressure loss filters options are also available.


Natividad Molero, Product Manager, Rooftop, CIAT HVAC Europe, said: “Beyond performance and versatility, we have designed the VectiosPower range to contribute to a healthier environment. The unit features the latest indoor air quality technologies, such as increased ventilation, highly efficient filtration, CO2 sensors and advanced airflow control. CIAT’s expertise in indoor air quality is perfectly combined with the latest rooftop technologies.”

For further information, visit CIAT.