CIAT calls for enforceable IAQ legislation


15 May 2024

CIAT is backing BSRIA's emphasis on a holistic approach to improving indoor and outdoor air quality, highlighting the urgent need for enforceable indoor air quality (IAQ) legislation in the UK.

Discussions at BSRIA's annual briefing reinforced this position. The Cleaner Air, Better Tomorrow event saw industry experts exploring the challenges of improving indoor and outdoor air quality. A key theme emphasised the central role of human behaviour in driving policy decisions for sustainable change. While acknowledging the importance of behavioural shifts, CIAT asserts that enforceable legislation is critical to achieving widespread and lasting improvements.

"While education and individual responsibility are essential, we cannot rely solely on voluntary behaviour change to safeguard public health," said Daniel Wood, Head of Sales, UK and Ireland. "BSRIA's briefing underscores the need for robust air quality legislation with clear enforcement procedures to ensure healthier environments for all."

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CIAT recognises several vital areas where legislative reform is needed. Currently, UK IAQ thresholds frequently align with guidelines rather than legally enforceable limits. Instead, stricter, enforceable air quality standards throughout all sectors should be implemented. This would necessitate mechanisms to hold industries and individuals accountable when exceeding air pollution thresholds, incorporating regular monitoring, reporting, and penalties for non-compliance. Legislation must also promote investment in cleaner technologies and sustainable building design to encourage the widespread adoption of sustainable practices. This can be achieved through tax breaks, grants, or other financial incentives.

"CIAT is committed to innovation that promotes healthier buildings," said Matt Maleki, Business Development Manager and IAQ Champion. "However, technological advancements alone aren’t enough. Legislative reform supporting stricter IAQ standards and investment in sustainable technologies is essential to improving the health and wellbeing of the UK population – which goes hand-in-hand with the UK’s drive to Net Zero. Healthy buildings are efficient buildings."

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