CIAT boosts IAQ


26 June 2018
CIAT UK is introducing an indoor air quality (IAQ) system designed to deliver exceptional levels of comfort and air purity for building occupants.

Epure Dynamics uses a network of calibrated air quality sensors connected to a Smart CIATControl system to continuously measure the concentration of particulates in the air. If the concentration measured in a space exceeds a pre-set level, the system activates the unit’s purification mode, switching on the Epure filtration system, which has a filtering surface 11 times greater than that of conventional filters.
In purification mode, the unit continuously recycles and filters the air until air quality achieves the desired level. The cleaning process normally takes from a few minutes to half-an-hour, depending on the volume of the space and level of contaminants. 

David Dunn, Managing Director, Sales, for CIAT UK, part of Toshiba Carrier UK, said: “The focus on improving IAQ is growing in the UK. There is Harvard University research that has shown improved indoor air quality can positively impact cognitive function test scores. CIAT’s Epure Dynamics system can help address IAQ, and helps to assure end-users of a high-quality and productive indoor environment.”

This system is an improvement to conventional air conditioning systems that may not address the problem of particulates, particularly below the size range <2.5µm, considered to be most harmful to human health. Some air systems draw particulates into a building from outside, which can be a particular problem in urban areas with emissions from traffic, and areas with airborne industrial pollutants. Closed-system air conditioning systems may not have this problem, however they continually recirculate airborne particulates already within a building, and repeatedly expose occupants to new particulates that are constantly being created in occupied spaces.

Use of a fine F7 filter on the building’s main fresh air intake will stop around 70 percent of particulates with a diameter < 2.5 µm. However, airborne particles generated inside a building cannot be processed by the air handling unit in this way, and therefore build up within it, posing a potential health risk for occupants. Epure Dynamics overcomes these problems with a highly-effective and dedicated purification unit equipped with high-purity filters, that —when triggered by its network of sensors— quickly removes particles from contaminated air throughout the building. The unit is able to tackle contaminants both drawn in from outside and those created within the building.

Because purification mode is only activated when required, energy consumption by the air conditioning and cleaning system is minimised, ensuring both high-quality indoor air and low-energy consumption and running costs. Since being introduced in France two years ago, the fine particulate sensor has proved to be highly stable, with no deviation from its original calibration. 

Epure Dynamics system is available on CIAT fan coil and ducted units.
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