CIAT adds UV-C to AHUs


28 June 2021
UV-C lamps installed at strategic points within the AHU enclosure flood vulnerable areas in high energy, cleansing UV-C light

A powerful ultra-violet C (UV-C) light disinfection system that targets viruses and bacteria is now available as an integrated option on CIAT’s air handling units (AHUs).

UV-C light has been used for more than a century to disinfect public water supplies due to its ability to quickly and effectively inactivate potentially harmful pathogens. The system used on CIAT’s AHUs targets airborne, waterborne and surface microorganisms to improve indoor air quality.

UV-C lamps installed at strategic points within the AHU enclosure flood key areas in high energy, cleansing UV-C light. A three-step process decontaminates the coil surface, condensate in the drip tray and air passing through the AHU housing. The UV-C radiation disrupts the molecular structure of pathogens, reducing risks.

CIAT says the lamps are highly energy efficient, quiet and lightweight, and their physical presence inside the unit has only a minimal effect on air pressure and AHU performance. As the UV-C system is fully enclosed within the AHU’s metal housing, the UV-C light presents no risk to users or building occupants. Additionally, all units include safety measures to avoid accidental exposure to technicians during maintenance. With a long life-cycle and minimal maintenance requirements, UV-C offers a highly cost-effective treatment for today’s indoor air hygiene challenges.

“This innovation gives building owners and facility managers a highly effective new tool in the armoury to address the risk from pathogens circulating in buildings and reduce infection risks,” said Juan Jose Francisco Diez, EU airside marketing manager, CIAT. “It provides a high level of protection and reassurance as part of a programme of microbial mitigation and improved safety measures, and is particularly suitable for use in healthcare, offices, the food industry, hotels, schools, airports, leisure facilities, gyms, theatres and cinemas.”

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Three different configurations for UV-C lights are available. In critical applications, such as healthcare and food production, UV-C can be used in combination with a HEPA filtration system to remove deactivated particles and other microscopic contaminants from the airstream.

UV-C is available as an option on Climaciat AIRTECH, Climaciat AIRCLEAN and Climaciat AIRACCESS, plus its AIRTECH and AIRCLEAN ranges.