Change of Climate for Wolseley


28 September 2020

Heating and cooling merchant Wolseley says it is evolving its brand to highlight the business’ key specialisms, under the banners of Wolseley Climate and Wolseley Pipe.
John Hancock, Managing Director of Wolseley Climate and Wolseley Pipe, said:  “In January 2018 our business brought together its different units under a single Wolseley brand. As the specialist trade merchant, this meant our customers could access our entire range, all in one place. This gave us a unique position as a merchant and it’s something we don’t want to lose. 
“But what we also have, uniquely, is specialist people in each field. We want to be able to direct our customers to our experts in branch, online and on the phone to help with their end-to-end project delivery – so they can benefit fully from working with our sector specialists, who can now be easily identified under our banners of Climate and Pipe.”
Wolseley Climate specialises in refrigeration and air conditioning, supplying an extensive range of equipment, components, spares, accessories and tools to professional contractors through its nationwide network of branches.
From parts and refrigerant gases, through to its custom build solutions tailored to individual applications with bespoke solutions, Wolseley Climate says it has a team of specialists and fully equipped manufacturing facility to help create designs that exactly meet customers’ cooling requirements.
Wolseley Pipe, meanwhile, is said to offer market-leading product ranges, specialist customer support and added value for customers.
The plumbing and heating elements of the business remain largely unchanged. But the key areas of the brand will be more clearly distinguishable in Wolseley’s dual-sited specialist branches.

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