Case study: power of the press-fit


09 August 2018
Faced with keeping disruption at a residential care home to a minimum during an ACR installation, air conditioning and heating specialist Castle Climate Control (CCC) chose Conex Bänninger’s flame-free >B< MaxiPro fittings as the jointing solution.

Much of the pipework had to be routed within and around residents’ rooms and in loft areas, with working in often restricted spaces another challenge.
  • Created specifically for the ACR sector
  • Designed to operate with pressures up to 48 bar
  • Has Conex Bänninger’s >B< Profile 3-point press for a secure, permanent and leak-free-joint
  • As a flame-free joint no hot works permit is needed
  • Following preparation, takes just 5 seconds to complete the joint
  • Unlike brazing, there is no need to carry heavy gas bottles or perform a nitrogen purge of the joint
  • Used with hard, half hard or annealed copper tube conforming to EN 12735-1 or ASTM-B280
  • Suitable for many refrigerants, including R1234yf, R1234ze, R32, R134a, R404A, R407C, R407F, R410A and R507
  • Industry-standard 12-month warranty is extended to 5 years when official training is passed and installation is made in line with manufacturer’s guidelines (refer to full terms and conditions)
Crescent House in Northampton, provides care for up to 33 older people. CCC, working with a main contractor, was commissioned to manage the refrigerant side of the installation of a Mitsubishi Electric hybrid VRF (HVRF) system that provides both heating and cooling.

The system uses advanced refrigerant technology between the outdoor unit and the Hybrid BC controller. Energy is then transferred around the building using a pair of water pipes for each indoor unit that can supply hot or cold water.

While traditional brazing was required for some joints, Castle Climate Control Managing Director Karl Fountain chose >B< MaxiPro >B< profile press fittings for more than 40 other joints in a pipework run of some 80 metres in tube sizes of 1 1/8th inches and 7/8th inch.

Karl said: “Because of the residential environment we were working in, with people still in the building, and the difficulty of routing the pipework. a flame-based solution was impractical.

“We had recently used >B< MaxiPro throughout a hotel in Cornwall so we were familiar with it. In considering the best option for this job, when we compared >B< MaxiPro to other fittings it was more cost effective as well as fit for purpose.”

The fittings used were mainly couplers, with some 90º bends and equal tees.

Karl added: “Press fitting is also a lot quicker than brazing. We did a comparison. It took five minutes to prepare and complete a joint using brazing, whereas it took a total of two minutes for the crimping method.

“Also, you don’t need as much equipment and materials to take to your workspace.”

The >B< MaxiPro range was created specifically for the ACR sector, designed to operate successfully with the higher pressures in air-conditioning and refrigeration systems, up to 48 bar. It features the >B< Profile 3-point press for a secure, permanent and leak-free-joint.

As a mechanical, flame-free joint it eliminates the need for a hot works permit. Unlike brazing there is no need to carry around heavy gas bottles or perform a nitrogen purge of the joint.

Each fitting comes with an industry-standard 12-month warranty, extended to five years when the official training programme is undertaken and passed, and the installation is made in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines (refer to full terms and conditions).

Conex Bänninger recommends the use of Rothenberger Romax Compact TT press tools and the specially designed >B< MaxiPro jaws.

CCC is a family-run business based in Northampton, set up by Karl and his partner Carley Fountain. Between them they have more than 20 years’ experience in commercial and domestic air conditioning and ventilation systems and air source heat pumps.
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