Carrier Transicold unveils hydrogen fuel cell trailer concept


20 September 2022

Carrier Transicold has unveiled its first trailer concept powered by a dedicated hydrogen fuel cell at IAA Transportation 2022.

The fuel cell system was developed to integrate within the chassis of the Vector transport refrigeration unit (TRU) and is said to deliver zero direct emissions without a reduction in performance or refrigeration capacity. 

Developed with Bosch and PowerCell Sweden, the new hydrogen fuel cell technology will be coupled with Carrier Transicold’s Vector HE 19 trailer unit. Central to the new system is the integration of the Bosch 48-volt automotive battery, which directly interfaces the fuel cell with the refrigeration unit, removing the need for a standalone engine or a separately mounted buffer battery system.

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“Carrier Transicold continues its electrification journey, providing an electric solution in every area of the temperature-controlled transport market, from vans through to multi-temperature trailers,” said Victor Calvo, vice president and general manager, Carrier Transicold. “The new hydrogen-powered Vector concept is a major step forward for the company and we’re delighted to demonstrate the future of transport refrigeration for customers at IAA. We are committed to exploring every avenue to reduce emissions and deliver better sustainability for customers – and hydrogen fuel cell technology is extremely exciting.”

Carrier Transicold