Carrier launches lifecycle asset management events


25 January 2024

Carrier has launched a series of events that provide building operators and owners in major cities across Europe with information about its lifecycle asset management capabilities.

Mega City London was the first event that explains how Carrier’s latest chillers, air handling units and heat pumps combine with its building technology, controls, service and aftermarket solutions to provide a lifecycle solution and management of assets that transform indoor environments.

Carrier welcomed end-users from healthcare, education, banking, energy, transport and local authorities to the London Centre, the home of New London Architecture (NLA), to reveal how its connected services can provide customers with energy efficient and sustainable benefits.

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Ralph Davies, Head of Sales, Carrier Service, said: “Our goal is to help ensure our customers’ HVAC solutions operate at the optimum level. This process starts the moment new equipment is installed and commissioned with remote connectivity. 

“Each product is linked to our Abound cloud-based platform, enabling digital connectivity and continuous monitoring through our BluEdge service offering. This allows us to carry out preventive and predictive maintenance, maximise uptime and ensure optimal energy conservation. Our total asset management capabilities also include repairs, rental equipment, consultancy and the modernisation of units at the end of their life.”