Carrier issues Ecodesign guidance


07 March 2019
Carrier has published two guides to the Ecodesign Directive to update customers on the implications of the legislation for HVAC equipment. 

The regulations apply across the European Union, and introduce new minimum efficiency requirements for new chillers, heat pumps and air handling units (AHUs) as a means of reducing energy use by buildings and industrial process cooling plant.
In the case of chillers for comfort cooling, this calculation will be based on a new standardised Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) and primary energy efficiency. For chillers used in process cooling applications, Seasonal Energy Performance Ratio (SEPR) will now be used, to take account of the different operating conditions in these applications. Equipment will have to meet minimum efficiency standards in each area.

For heat pumps (rated up to 400kW), equipment will have to meet a minimum acceptable Seasonal Coefficient of Performance Ratio (SCOP) for a range of different temperature bands, depending on the intended system operation.

To help achieve the new efficiency targets, the regulations specify some key design requirements for new equipment that manufacturers must meet. For example, in the case of Air Handling Units these include the use of more efficient fans and mandatory use of high performance heat recovery systems.

David Dunn, managing director of Carrier UK sales, said: “Ecodesign is transforming the legislative and technical framework in which manufacturers and the industry operates. The changes introduced last year significantly raise the bar, and mark a step-change in the drive for more efficient equipment.

“Carrier has been working hard to anticipate the changes as part of our on-going product development programme, and customers can rest assured that our latest generations of chillers, AHUs and heat pumps are fully compliant with Ecodesign, and in many cases exceed the requirements.”

To obtain copies of the guides, click here.
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