​Carrier chillers for new ambulance call centre


20 September 2017
air conditioning chiller fan coil unit air handling unit
The new ambulance call centre has been supplied with a high-efficiency air conditioning system
Carrier has supplied the air conditioning system for the new home of South East Coast Ambulance Service’s regional call centre at Gatwick Diamond, near Gatwick Airport.

The centre has three Carrier AquaSnap 30RBP high-efficiency chillers, equipped with a Greenspeed intelligence control system. The chillers supply cooling to six 39MQ Carrier air handling units, connected to 114 Carrier 42NH fan coils distributed around the building.
The chillers' variable-speed condenser fans precisely match cooling output to current load conditions. This enables the system to operate with outstanding part load efficiency, ensuring low carbon emissions and reduced running costs.

Variable-speed fans deliver low noise operation and promise extended operational life due to reduced wear and tear on compressors, fan motors and other moving mechanical parts.

Energy performance
A night-time mode makes it possible to reduce noise emissions further during the hours of darkness, ensuring neighbours are not disturbed when ambient conditions rise.

The Carrier air handling units are fully compliant with the recently introduced Eco-Design Regulation, which sets standards for energy performance for air moving plant used in buildings across the European Union.

Based on a modular construction, the air handling units are equipped with heat exchangers and fans selected to deliver the highest efficiencies, and combined with filters and coils to ensure a low pressure drop.

The system was installed by Maybourne and Russell, while the building services consultant on the project was Van Zly & de Villiers.

Kevin Machin, project manager, Maybourne and Russell, said: “Sourcing all main air conditioning components – chillers, AHUs and fan coils – from Carrier meant that installation and commissioning was straightforward. Being from one manufacturer, the systems are designed from the ground up to integrate and communicate, and the one-stop-shop approach makes a lot of sense from a contractor’s point of view. It also gives us a single point of contact for delivery arrangements and any technical queries.”
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