CAREL Provides Complete Control Solutions to HS Europe


23 April 2020

Based in the Isle of Wight, Heatstar is a specialist British manufacturer of heat recovery and humidity control systems, including heat pumps, designed exclusively for swimming pool applications.

Heatstar have pioneered the innovation, design and development of modern, highly energy efficient, climate control systems and continue to be the renowned market leader in this field.

A flag-bearer for energy-efficiency for over three decades, Heatstar continue to play a huge part in making swimming pools role models for energy savings and reduced carbon emissions.

Heatstar reached out to CAREL to help them give their controls range better connectivity and flexibility to further improve energy savings for clients.


CAREL provided a complete controls solution to replace the existing mix of PLC and parametric controls to give flexibility and connectivity.


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The final solution included the c.pCO PLC, touch screen HMI, sensors, SW consultancy and IOT services.


As a result of our collaboration Heatstar is able to offer its clients a modern and simple interface, several networking options and remote access to their units via our TERA portal.