Camfil buys MC Air Filtration


10 May 2018
Camfil Managing Director Bill Wilkinson with Miles Tinklin from MC Air Filtration
Air filtration specialist Camfil has acquired the Bushbury Holdings group of companies, of which MC Air Filtration is the largest.

The family-owned business was established in Gillingham in 1974. As a leading expert in high efficiency extraction and supply air systems, MCAF's expertise lies in protecting personnel from particulate and toxic contaminants within key sectors including nuclear, bio tech, pharmaceutical and medical research.
Camfil says MC Air Filtration's specialist product line will complement its own portfolio of safety and containment products.

Mark Simmons, EVP Filter CEBI and CEO designate, said: "I am very pleased to welcome MCAF to the Camfil family. It will enhance Camfil's leading position both in the UK and beyond."

​Camfil UK manufactures panel filters and bag filters used in standard ventilation systems and a HEPA filter range to ensure Clean Rooms meet stringent air quality requirements.

The company offers services including filter installation and removal, air handling plant assessments, indoor air monitoring, duct cleaning and HEPA filter validation.
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