Cabinet trial shows 53 per cent electricity saving


12 December 2017
refrigeration cabinet foot aircell crivat
The Aircell Crivat cabinet has undergone trials at a food-to-go outlet and a speciality food hall
A second field trial of the Aircell Crivat grab & go integrated refrigerated cabinet in a food hall and farm shop has shown an electricity saving of more than 53 per cent.

A prototype cabinet, from Adande Refrigeration's parent company, Applied Design & Engineering, had previously been tested in a food-to-go outlet in Soho, London.
For the second trial, the unit was installed at the food hall for the display of speciality foods, convenience meals and soft drinks. During simultaneous monitoring over a three-week test period, energy consumption was measured as 53.6 per cent less than the existing open front multi deck display. This reduction represents an annual saving in electricity costs of £660.65. The company also claims that had a night blind been deployed on the Crivat, as it was on the existing cabinet, the calculated adjustment of reduced consumption would have been 57.9 per cent, representing a £714.13 annual saving.
Cabinet air temperature was measured to a bandwidth of 3°C in the Aircell model, compared with an average range of 13°C in the store’s existing open front multi deck. The narrow temperature range helps to maintain the quality and appearance of food and reduces the amount of food waste.

The food hall’s general manager said: “Maintaining a constant temperature to display food is very important to me. With Aircell, I have found the temperature stability I require, meaning better food for my customers and less food wastage for me.”
Applied Design & Engineering’s Chairman, Nigel Bell, said: “The success of this second field trial further endorses the credentials of Aircell open front , highlighting its tangible benefits for the display of chilled food to go in foodservice and convenience retailing operations. We are now preparing for the full commercial launch in the first quarter of 2018.”
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