BSRIA's Lawson to speak at Smart Buildings Conference


15 December 2017
BSRIA's Henry Lawson will be one of the speakers at the Smart Buildings Conference in Amsterdam on 5 February 2018.

The Senior Market Research Consultant in BSRIA's World Market Intelligence division specialises in smart building and energy solutions. He will be presenting 'How Smart Homes are Driving the World.'
He said:​ “The smart building is already upon us. My presentation will help answer such key questions as: how big is the smart homes market in terms of products and services? How fast is it growing in the main markets, and why? What are the main drivers of and barriers to this growth?

"But the smart homes market is not just about numbers, it is also about different ways of approaching it. In this light I will also be looking at the way complete, integrated smart home solutions are competing with the more modular incremental approach of some of the big new players.

"I will also be exploring some of the ways in which innovations in the smart home market are having an impact on the wider smart world.”

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