Bringing equipment out of lockdown


13 April 2021
The guides are designed to help operators and engineers

Williams has updated its guides on bringing refrigerators, freezers and coldrooms back to service safely as the government's roadmap out of lockdown continues.

The guides cover everything operators need to know about recommissioning equipment after a long period of downtime, so they can be sure that it will be ready when they need it, avoiding the issues that can occur if the tasks are not done properly.

The Quick Operators guide for fridges and freezers sums up the process in four steps:

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  • Clean the interior thoroughly, including the door gaskets, before allowing it to dry. 
  • Once it has dried, re-close the door. 
  • Check the power cable and plug and ensure it is not damaged before plugging it in and switching it on. 
  • The final step is to monitor the equipment and make sure it is pulling down to the correct temperature.

Coldrooms require more attention, with the process consisting of the following steps: 

  • Clean the coldroom interior and shelving.
  • Re-fit the strip curtains. 
  • The power failure battery should be checked and replaced by a competent person.
  • The door safety release mechanism should be checked to ensure it’s working correctly. 
  • Once these steps have been completed the power can be restored. 
  • Check the Person Trapped alarm is working, if one is fitted. 
  • Monitor the temperature to make sure it is working correctly. 
  • The final step is to get the coldroom serviced by a competent engineer.

Williams has also created separate, more technical versions aimed at engineers and dealers. They allow dealers to offer a full service and accurate advice to their clients.

The guides, and contact information for the support team, can be found in the info centre on the Williams website.