Briefings on heat pumps and circular economy


11 October 2022

The Institute of Refrigeration (IOR) has issued two new publications covering heat pumps and the circular economy as part of its Beyond Refrigeration environmental initiative. 

The first non-technical technology brief addresses common misunderstandings in the type of equipment available and the uses of heat pumps. The technology of heat pumps is outlined, along with information on how they can help to reduce emissions and some frequently asked questions.

Download here.

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The latest in the IOR's series of policy briefs designed to identify policy opportunities to support net zero is titled Towards a Circular Economy. It explores the challenges of developing a circular economy for the RACHP sector where most products and equipment that are in use or coming to end-of-life were not designed for circularity.  The brief covers topics such as increasing resource efficiency through design, extending product life, materials recycling and reclamation and systems thinking/energy efficiency.

Download here.

The IOR Annual Conference, on 1 December,  will focus on Beyond Refrigeration and explore critical themes, opportunities and case studies of success. It will feature discussion and debate sessions with experts to identify the challenges and explore how they can be addressed by working together.  

See the full programme and information at