Blast unit boosts supply chain specialist


06 December 2023

Peterborough-based JS Davidson is stepping up its multi temperature controlled operation with the addition of a Smart Portable Blast Unit from Blue Cube PCS.

JS Davidson says the new equipment, which offers blast freezing, blast chilling and tempering within the same mobile unit, will enable it to drive greater efficiencies. 

With a capacity of up to 30 UK pallets, the unit is suitable for both freezing and defrosting under a controlled environment, as well as bringing food products back up to temperature in rapid succession, offering greater longevity for product life and a greater capability of processing orders quicker and more efficiently. 

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John Davidson, Managing Director at JS Davidson, said: “We are delighted to announce the recent investment in our new Smart Portable Blast Unit, which has been provided by Blue Cube PCS. From market research conducted in recent months, we have seen a growing demand for both rapid freezing and tempering, largely in line with increased expectations in the marketplace. In order to cater to this, we felt a blast unit would offer the greatest operational output, without compromising our sustainability pledge. 

“We are able to reduce waste and ensure products stored, remain of a premium quality, which will only serve to benefit our customers. Equally we can safely and rapidly cool, chill, freeze and temper tonnes of produce in a matter of a few hours, compared to potentially up to hundreds of hours, it will drive significant operational efficiencies throughout the business – especially within our co-packing division.” 

Alan Hunt, Managing Director at Blue Cube PCS, said: “Customer demands for blast and tempering facilities have seen an 8% uplift during recent months; further indications demonstrate the trend of increased blast freezing and tempering requirements will continue.''