Bitzer's Speedlite for cooling on the move


06 July 2023

Bitzer says its new Speedlite ELV52 scroll compressor is designed to meet the challenging requirements of air conditioning for electric buses and trains.

Air conditioning systems for modern public transport have to meet a unique set of demands. Space and weight constraints, rapidly changing conditions and working life have a direct impact on operators' investment and running costs, as well as future compatibility. Compressors must also be quiet with low vibration, and be very reliable due to the high cost of downtime.

The compact Speedlite ELV52  is around 50% per cent lighter than conventional units, and designed to respond rapidly to the fluctuating heating and cooling demands of transport applications.

The aluminium unit's compact dimensions enable easy integration within bus and train systems

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It is compatible with a wide range of refrigerants, including low-GWP fluids and propane (R290), making it future-proof in relation to F-Gas Regulations and extending working life. 

The unit has a wide operating range, enabling it to cater for swings in ambient temperature due to high solar gain and rapid cooling as a result of travel through tunnels.

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