BITZER's recipe for success at bakery


06 April 2022
Ecostar offers full inverter control of the compressor, enabling precise matching of refrigeration output to load

High efficiency BITZER Ecostar condensing units operating on lower GWP refrigerant R449A have been chosen for a major refrigeration upgrade at Millers Bespoke Bakery in Wimbledon.

The premium wholesale bakery was established in 1997 by founder and managing director Marcus Miller following his return from Hong Kong, where he was head baker at The Grand Hyatt Hotel.

"My family were millers of flour as far back as The Doomsday Book, and I continue this tradition as a fourth-generation baker," said Marcus Miller. "We produce an extensive range of European breads of the highest quality and offer a creative bespoke service to the country’s top chefs and catering establishments."

In line with the client’s requirement for the highest possible quality and efficiency, four high performance Ecostar units were chosen by contractor Adcock Refrigeration & Air Conditioning to replace the existing system serving a bakery freezer.

"After struggling to meet design conditions, it was decided a full upgrade was needed to ensure the business had the resilience and continuity of cooling required to support its demanding production requirements," said Adcock's Mark Bushell, who led the replacement project.

"BITZER Ecostar condensing units are known for their reliability and efficiency, and we have installed around 30 of the systems over the past year. It was therefore our go-to recommendation for this project."

The Ecostar units on R449A deliver a combined 36kW of cooling to maintain a steady -30°C in the bakery's freezer store. They replaced four units operating on high GWP refrigerant R404A, delivering reduced running costs and cutting the carbon footprint by two-thirds. The project included replacement of all pipework and valves.

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"Ecostar is not only highly efficient and reliable, but the control system is Bluetooth enabled, allowing quick and easy commissioning. It also gives hands-free access to key performance data and operating parameters, speeding up diagnostics in the event of a problem," said Bushell.

Ecostar offers full inverter control of the compressor, enabling precise matching of refrigeration output to load. This further increases energy efficiency and ensures operating sound levels are kept to a minimum.

Marcus Miller added: "Our aim at Millers Bespoke Bakery is to be the finest wholesale baker producing the highest quality products. We apply traditional time-honoured methods and the quality and consistency of our products are paramount. Our extensive range is a testament to the diversity of our client base and our bespoke products reflects our ongoing creative ability to develop new bread styles."

Kevin Glass, managing director of BITZER UK, said: "ECOSTAR's combination of proven reliability, efficiency, excellent design and low noise are a compelling combination. The fact that they also look good when installed is the cherry on the top!"