BITZER rolls out new IQ Module


31 January 2024
The IQ Module CM-RC-02 for Ecoline reciprocating compressors

BITZER's latest Ecoline reciprocating compressors include the new generation of the IQ Module which simplifies and optimises compressor installation, operation, maintenance and retrofitting for refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump systems. 

Since the beginning of the year, the Schkeuditz factory has been replacing the SE-B3 compressor protection devices in semi-hermetic Ecoline reciprocating compressors of the C3 series and later with the CM-RC-02 version of the BITZER IQ Module. 

In addition to monitoring the compressor’s key operating parameters, the CM-RC-02 can also operate compressor motor protection and the oil heater and keep an eye on the discharge gas temperature and oil supply. The high pressure switch can be connected directly to the compressor module. The new version simply requires the switch signal from the superior system controller to activate the compressor.

During the transition period, compressors can also be ordered with the software set to simulate the SE-B3 functions, in which case the compressor can be installed in the switch cabinet or even replaced without any modifications.

Additional functions included in the optional range of services for reciprocating compressors can be electrically connected to the IQ Module, which not only simplifies switch cabinet wiring, but also reduces the number of control outputs required. 

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There are three optional extension boards to choose from, each with different features. The components selected in conjunction with the compressor can be ordered already wired, configured and tested by the factory, which simplifies compressor installation and reduces the amount of time necessary for production, troubleshooting and commissioning.

The extension board can also be added to compressors featuring the CM-RC-02 even after delivery. The logic for operating the peripheral devices has been individually optimised to reduce energy consumption and increase compressor availability. If a system needs to be adjusted or retrofitted at a later date due to a change in refrigeration or heating requirements, for example, additional capacity control steps can be installed by arranging the wiring with the IQ Module – no modifications in the switch cabinet necessary.

The BEST software and  app can be used to configure the compressor and its accessories as well as display operating and historical data, with data visualisation optimised to provide on-site service technicians with prompt, straightforward support.