BITZER launches 8-cylinder CO₂ compressor


11 October 2022
BITZER's 8-cylinder CO₂ reciprocating compressor

BITZER unveiled three new products at Chillventa, including its new 8-cylinder CO₂ compressor.

The Ecoline units for transcritical applications cover even larger capacity ranges with CO₂ as a refrigerant in refrigeration and heat pump applications. BITZER says it designed the compressors for systems which were once developed for use with HFC refrigerants and ammonia.

They are said to be around 10% more energy-efficient than the smaller 6-cylinder compressors currently available on the market, which reduces energy consumption and emissions.

Designed for frequency inverter operation, the compressors are available in two motor variants with displacements between 69.4 and 99.2 m3/h. They are also equipped with start unloading as well as with Varistep mechanical capacity control for part load operation.

BITZER Ecolite LHL7E condensing unit

Ecolite LHL7E

The LHL7E joins the Ecolite range of condensing units and adds a wider capacity range up to 6.5kW in low temperature application and 25kW in medium temperature application. The LHL3E, LHL5E and LHL7E  units are approved for use with A1 and A2L refrigerants and can therefore be used in a variety of both low and medium temperature applications across all climate zones – with a single device. 

The semi-hermetic Ecoline reciprocating compressors with Varistep mechanical capacity control ensure efficient, flexible and reliable operation of condensing units in part and full load. For another boost in system efficiency, the LHL7E offers optional heat recovery. 

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BITZER hybrid falling film evaporator

Hybrid falling film evaporators

BITZER's new hybrid falling film evaporators, which are available in five housing sizes, achieve significantly better levels of efficiency than dry expansion evaporators in full and part load operation with stable operation under all conditions thanks to optimised internal liquid droplet separation, less refrigerant charge and improved oil recovery. 

With a capacity range of 300 to 2,000kW, the evaporators offer flexibility and a variety of fields of application – above all, in air conditioning and process cooling. They are developed for the refrigerants R134a, R1234ze and R513A.

Due to their design, the evaporators require at least 35% refrigerant than flooded evaporators. The design ensures that the shell side is not simply flooded with refrigerant. Instead, liquid refrigerant is accurately distributed on the pipe surface and only a small part of the shell side is flooded.

Refrigerant Report and Refrigerant Ruler

The updated online version of BITZER's Refrigerant Report is now available, in English and German, alongside a new version of the BITZER Refrigerant Ruler, a free app which allows users to determine all relevant refrigerant values.

Both can be found at