BITZER highlights cool careers


28 June 2021
Complex machinery is needed to provide cooling. Here, a snowed-in train is tested in an artificial climatic wind tunnel

Compressor manufacturer BITZER highlighted some of the career opportunities available in the industry as it continued its support for World Refrigeration Day.

BITZER backed WRD for the third year in a row and, in line with the 2021 theme of Cooling Champions: Cool Careers for a Better World, looked at the complex machines which are needed to provide cooling.

Human resources director Ulrich Harm said: "BITZER and the refrigeration and air conditioning sector as a whole are in an excellent position and offer outstanding career opportunities. We are not just looking for qualified refrigeration technicians, but also motivated and qualified members of staff for other departments. The positions are as diverse as the sector itself.

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The refrigeration sector offers outstanding career opportunities, says BITZER

In 2016, BITZER opened the SCHAUFLER Academy, its international training centre in Rottenburg-Ergenzingen, to keep not only its own employees, but also the staff in the industry up to date and train them continuously. More than 30,000 participants have studied alternative refrigerants, intelligent electronics and energy efficiency there since then. Special programmes are also available for schools and universities to give a sneak peek behind the scenes of refrigeration and air conditioning technology and set the scene for a cool future.

Harm added: "The challenges facing refrigeration and air conditioning are great and the professional prospects are positive. Anyone who takes a job in this sector today can make a significant contribution to doing business in a sustainable manner. That goes for all employees, not just the engineers and technicians.''