BITZER hails digital 'game-changer'


03 November 2020

Compressor specialist BITZER UK says a new range of customer services based on the company’s global digital network can be a "game-changer" for the industry.

The network brings together the company’s in-depth product and application knowledge with real-time intelligence and data from working systems, to provide customers with actionable insights that can be used to improve all aspects of system performance.

Accessed via the myBITZER portal, it enables customers to optimise the performance of systems to reduce environmental impact, improve productivity and minimise running costs. It also gives access the latest technical information relevant to compressors and components in their systems.

The new approach is made possible by the incorporation of electronic reporting and logging tools in the latest generation of intelligent BITZER compressors. These enable rich, real-time and historical data, covering all aspects of compressor and system operation, to be accessed remotely via the internet for analysis.

Linked to specialist BITZER software, this allows customers to access BITZER’s E-parts database for key system components and consumables employed by their installations, enabling engineers to pin-point spares needed for servicing or maintenance.

The new real-time monitoring service gives access to current compressor status, alarm descriptions and trouble-shooting insights derived from data analysis by BITZER. It enables diagnosis of potential problems to be quickly carried out remotely, without having to attend site. 

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Kevin Glass, managing director of BITZER UK, said: “In the event of component failure or breakdown, technicians can collect the relevant spares needed to get a client’s plant up-and-running before attending site, in the knowledge that they can solve the problem first-time. It is a huge time and money saver for all concerned. The opportunities for system optimisation it opens up are equally exciting and potentially transformational.

“Importantly, before a failure occurs, the system monitors for a myriad of tell-tale signs that suggest a potential problem may be developing, enabling preventive action to be taken in good time to maintain continuity of system operation.

“Contractors and support staff can now harness it to provide a faster and better service to clients. We believe it is a game-changer and represents the next leap forward for the industry.”

The BITZER Digital Network has been trialled in several countries in Europe and South America over the past two years, to refine how it operates and make it as user-friendly as possible. It is now accessible via all mainstream IT platforms, with data fully protected in line with the highest digital security standards.

For a demonstration of the system and the potential benefits, contact: Liam Davies, Technical manager, +44 (0)1908 642966, email [email protected]