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12 August 2019
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Marcus Levy said feedback highlighted the need for a more hands-on approach to training
A new emphasis on practical skills for field engineers is at the heart of the new training programme from BITZER UK and sister company Green Point.

The new programme on key compressor technology topics begins in October and runs to the end of March 2020. The day-long courses, held at the company’s Milton Keynes headquarters, cover screw and reciprocating compressor technology, inverter capacity control, software updates, plus an overview of the BITZER range.
Marcus Levy, BITZER UK business development director and head of training, said: “Feedback from those attending last year’s courses highlighted the need for a more hands-on approach. We have reviewed the programme in the light of this and restructured the key courses on screw and reciprocating compressors. These now have half the day devoted to the principles and key issues, followed by a half-day of practical sessions demonstrating how to carry out compressor strip-downs and re-assembly.”

The theoretical classroom-based sessions will be led by BITZER UK while the practical sessions will be presented by Green Point, taking advantage of the company’s experience with the mechanical aspects of compressor disassembly, rebuilds, trouble-shooting and diagnostic skills.

To support the practical emphasis, a new exhibition entitled “What Killed the Compressor” is being added to the training facility. This will display damaged units and components taken from compressors returned to Green Point, with graphics highlighting the problem and the reason for failure in each case.

The dates for the new training programme are:
•             8: Inverter Capacity Control
•             15: Reciprocating Compressor Technology
•             22: Screw Compressor Technology
•             29: Inverter Capacity Control
•             5: Reciprocating Compressor Technology
•             12: Screw Compressor Technology
•             19: Inverter Capacity Control
•             26: Reciprocating Compressor Technology
•             10: Screw Compressor Technology
•             17: BITZER Range Overview
January 2020
•             7: Inverter Capacity Control
•             14: Reciprocating Compressor Technology
•             21: Screw Compressor Technology
•             28: Inverter Capacity Control
•             4: Reciprocating Compressor Technology
•             11: Screw Compressor Technology
•             18: Inverter Capacity Control
•             25: Reciprocating Compressor Technology
•             3: Screw Compressor Technology
•             10: Inverter Capacity Control
•             17: Reciprocating Compressor Technology
•             24: BITZER Range Overview
Courses are free and include refreshments and lunch, with allocated parking available for all delegates.
In addition to the scheduled courses at Milton Keynes, the company also offers courses at customers' premises and bespoke training tailored to specific needs and interests.

For more details, or to book a place on a course, please contact training administrator Samantha Buckell on 01908 642966, or email: [email protected]
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