BITZER backing World Refrigeration Day


24 September 2018
Compressor manufacturer BITZER is supporting World Refrigeration Day, which will be held on June 26 each year.

Patrick Koops of BITZER said: "This day will give our industry the recognition it deserves as an indispensable driver of the world we live in today and in future. It will raise awareness for all the exciting job opportunities in the refrigeration sector, which definitely is a promising option for young people in their career choice.”
Steve Gill, who has been behind the establishment of the day, said: “We have been receiving support from industry associations and bodies from all over the world, which has been fantastic, but BITZER is the first manufacturer to voice its support for World Refrigeration Day. I am absolutely delighted to receive encouragement from such a highly respected world industry leader. 

"I am also personally very pleased that BITZER has taken this opportunity to mention what a potentially great career the industry is for young people. It reflects not only the forward-looking values of the company but also mirrors the importance this industry holds for attracting and retaining talented young people.”
“World Refrigeration Day is an opportunity for everyone involved in refrigeration, air-conditioning, and heat-pump technologies and its applications to unite and celebrate.” 

Organisations or individuals can get involved by contacting 
[email protected]     
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