Big Foot Systems keeping rooftop plant secure


29 January 2018
Big Foot Systems has supplied Custom Frame non-penetrative systems to support and secure rooftop AHU plant at a new £11.3 million leisure centre. 
Sam Birch from Big Foot Systems said: “Although the plant was part sunken in a plant well, the exposed nature of the site meant that swirling winds were quite high at roof level. The Big Foot project manager surveyed the site and our technical team worked with the contractor to make sure the plant was safely supported on the single ply roof.”
Wind calculations were carried out to evaluate stability and one of the slimmer units failed the Big Foot benchmark of 100mph maximum wind speeds. Usually the most efficient method of rectifying this is to increase the footprint of the support frame. However, due to the restricted plant space and access requirements for maintenance, this was not possible. Big Foot Technical worked with the mechanical contractor and advised on how they could tie back to the boiler room structure without affecting the integrity of the roofing membrane.

Although the leisure centre is near the coast, the hot dip galvanized carbon steel of the system has undergone a salt mist test to BS EN 60068-2-52 to a Kb severity of 1. The salt mist conditioning is used to test the relative resistance to corrosion of components when exposed to a changing climate of a salt mist (spray), followed by a high humidity at an elevated temperature, ensuring the plant supports are durable for years to come.
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