BESA launches IAQ awareness training


05 September 2023

The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) has launched a "basic awareness" training course for indoor air quality (IAQ).

It was developed by the Association’s online training academy and is based on a series of guides produced by BESA’s Indoor Air Quality group promoting the concept of buildings as ‘Safe Havens’ from polluted outside air.

The training provides an introduction for anyone interested in the subject including those with some working knowledge of building services but who need to have a deeper understanding of IAQ. It is also suitable for people from a non-technical background keen to expand their knowledge so they can make better informed decisions about their indoor environments.

The short online course explains the importance of IAQ, the main airborne contaminants that affect buildings, their sources, and the impact on the indoor environment caused by outdoor pollution. 

It is not designed to lead to a technical qualification but will help anyone who needs to put together an IAQ strategy for their building and be more aware of the threats to health, well-being and productivity posed by poor air quality.

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The launch of the course follows the most recent national Clean Air Day (CAD) which highlighted the growing threat to health and well-being posed by polluted indoor air, and the publication of the first British Standard for health & well-being in buildings.

The BESA awareness course provides a series of practical measures that building owners and operators can take to address IAQ concerns including measuring and monitoring airborne contaminants, checking and improving ventilation systems, and understanding the role of filtration and regular maintenance of air systems.

It takes around 45 minutes to complete the course online and it can be undertaken in a series of manageable ‘bite sized’ chunks at the user’s convenience from home or work. It costs £15 plus VAT for BESA members and £25 plus VAT for non-members.

For more information and to register for BESA’s Basic Awareness training for IAQ visit the BESA Academy website.