BCIA reveals awards finalists


01 March 2022

The Building Controls Industry Association has announced the finalists for the BCIA Awards 2022, which take place on May 5 at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole.

Shortlisted finalists are:
Building Controls and BEMS Installer of the Year
Sponsored by Trend Control Systems

  • ABEC
  • BGES Group
  • BMSI
  • Crown House Technologies (CHt)
  • Global Associates
  • Prime Light Electrical
  • SSE Energy Solutions
  • System Five

Engineer of the Year
Sponsored by BCIA

  • Erick Ginesta, ABEC
  • David Hayden, BGES Group
  • Andy Harwood, Crown House Technologies (CHt)
  • Malcolm Reynolds, E.ON Control Solutions
  • Stephen Pearson, Learnd
  • Georgios Xakopoulos, Sauter Automation
  • Ian Dean, Sauter Automation
  • Ken Pope, System Five

Young Engineer of the Year
Sponsored by Schneider Electric

  • Alex Lacey, BGES Group
  • Dean Murray, Crown House Technologies (CHt)
  • Nicholas Jarrett, E.ON Control Solutions
  • Robert Drysdale, InTandem Systems
  • Jamie Nguyen, Johnson Controls
  • Josh Spall, Learnd
  • Jonathan Warburton, Sauter Automation
  • Ablaikhan Bennett, Sauter Automation
  • Chris Hazzard, Schneider Electric
  • Jake Chester, SSE Energy Solutions
  • Billy Bowyer, System Five

Energy Management Award
Sponsored by Priva UK

  • Chartwell Controls, Devonshire Square Estate
  • Global Associates, DFS Estate Wide Roll Out
  • Optimised Group, Morrisons Optimisation / BeMS Upgrade
  • System Five, Downham Health & Leisure Centre

Best Service and Maintenance Provider
Sponsored by Western Automation

  • AES Control Systems
  • BGES Group
  • E.ON Control Solutions
  • Learnd
  • Optimised Group
  • SSE Energy Solutions 

Technical Innovation of the Year – Products
Sponsored by BCIA

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  • Angel Guard, Clarence Box
  • ARES PRISM, Cost and Carbon Estimating and Tracking
  • Belimo Automation UK, Belimo Energy Valve4 with Thermal Energy Meter
  • Building Automation Products, BA/PM-D-BB Particulate Matter Sensor
  • Contemporary Controls, BASview3 Building Supervisor
  • Distech Controls, ECLYPSE APEX Controller
  • Global Associates, Smart Eco Solution
  • iSMA CONTROLLI, iSMA Android Application 4.0
  • Siemens Building Products, QBM3700 Modbus air pressure sensor with added I/O
  • System Five, halo - analytics software platform

Technical Innovation of the Year – Projects
Sponsored by Johnson Controls

  • Chartwell Controls, Devonshire Square District Thermal Network Controls Upgrade
  • One Sightsolutions, 80 Charlotte St - CAT B works
  • Global Associates, Speedy Innovation Centre, Milton Keynes
  • Optimised Group, King's Cross Estate
  • ABEC, NatWest Group - ATM Cash Bunkers (Smart Emergency Lighting)
  • SSE Energy Solutions, T J Morris Ltd – Vehicle Maintenance Unit (VMU), Amesbury

Contribution to Training Award
Sponsored by Siemens Building Products

  • Aimee McGovern – Learnd
  • Fortel
  • Group Horizon
  • SSE Graduate Project Sales Engineer Development Program

Smart Buildings Award
Sponsored by BCIA

  • Global Associates, Speedy Innovation Centre, Milton Keynes
  • Kelvin Control Engineers, 177 Bothwell Street Grade A offices
  • One Sightsolutions, 80 Charlotte St - CAT B works
  • SSE Energy Solutions, T J Morris Ltd - Vehicle Maintenance Unit (VMU), Amesbury

Terry Sharp, president of the BCIA, said: “It is fantastic that we have once again received such a vast number of entries for the BCIA Awards. The standard of entries received has shown how our members have remained as innovative and forward-thinking as ever and it will be fascinating to see who takes home the trophies in May.”

BCIA Awards 2022