Bacharach targets refrigerant leak cost savings


20 March 2018
The Bacharach PGM-IR leak detector
Bacharach has announced the release of a refrigerant leak reduction cost savings calculator.

It is designed to 
enable heavy users of commercial refrigerant such as supermarkets, cold storage facilities and food processing plants to evaluate the cost savings associated by reducing the amount of leaking refrigerant.
Tom Burniston, Product Manager for Refrigerant Leak Detection at Bacharach, said: “With the high and increasing prices of some refrigerants, particularly from F-Gas regulations in Europe, implementing a proactive leak detection system and process can pay for itself in a matter of months. This leads to significant on-going savings.

“By reducing the refrigerant leak rate, users can not only reduce costs but also mitigate supply risks as prices continue to increase and refrigerant production decreases.

To assist in leak rate reduction, Bacharach offers proprietary, non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor technology to enable early detection of low-level leaks, setting the industry standard at 1 ppm while providing a fast T-90 response time of only about six seconds, the time it takes to reach 90% of the maximum concentration reading.

HGM-MZ, Multi-Zoned fixed refrigerant leak detector uses NDIR technology and is the most widely deployed system for proactive leak detection, able to detect the presence of over 60 refrigerant gases, the highest in the industry. Using the same technology, the PGM-IR is a portable leak detector that also enables the early detection of low-level refrigerant leaks, able to isolate leaks after detection by the HGM-MZ.
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