Aqua secures data centre deal


22 January 2019
Hampshire-based temperature control specialist Aqua Group has been named as a strategic partner to PVD Modular in a deal which will see at least seven off-the-grid data centres built across Norway and Finland. 

Aqua will join the engineering teams designing the full heat transfer process of each facility. 
Each data centre will be a minimum 250MW in capacity, will use a combination of alternative energy sources and offer thermal energy to local communities.

Aqua Group’s Mike West said: “This is an incredible project to be involved with and is really ground breaking. The initial plans involve up to 1.5GW+ of power capacity and heat capture and it easily has the potential to be one of the largest data centre portfolios in the world. For Aqua it’s real recognition of our temperature control expertise and our application knowledge within the data centre arena.”

Each facility will include the highest levels of emission control, carbon capture, CO2 reduction, and thermal energy reuse by both the data centre facility and the surrounding municipality and/or district heating/cooling systems as needed.
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