Aqua offers 'restart' package


20 May 2020

Aqua Group is offering customers a new service to support them during the initial easing of the lockdown period, the “2020 Restart” package.

As manufacturing and industry starts getting back to an increased level of normality, the service is designed to support customers as they restart their process cooling systems. Many companies stopped their systems completely when the UK went into lockdown back in March and components such as seals and bearings can become problematic when equipment has lain idle.  

Equally, some businesses changed their production capacity during this period. For those scaling back production - or in the case of key sector manufacturers ramping up – their cooling systems will now need re-balancing to ensure they work to optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

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Aqua says the package can be tailored to the individual needs of the customer, depending on the process and equipment involved.  An engineer will come to site, check the equipment, and ensure its restarted or recommissioned correctly.  In addition, having a refrigeration specialist on hand to give additional technical oversight gives peace of mind whilst things restart and get back to normal.

Aqua engineers are also able to support businesses with their on-site air conditioning.

For more information call Aqua on 0333 004 4433 and quote “2020 Restart”