Anniversary celebration of Lord Kelvin


24 April 2024

The Institute of Refrigeration (IOR) will host a webinar discussion led by broadcasters Helen Czerski and Alok Jha on World Refrigeration Day (June 26) to celebrate the achievements of Lord Kelvin on his 200th anniversary.

While Lord Kelvin is widely recognised as the pioneer of mechanical refrigeration, his contributions extend far beyond this sector. This discussion aims to shed light on his impact on scientific progress, engineering and his invaluable contribution to refrigeration.

Through an exploration of the life and legacy of Lord Kelvin, the webinar will look at why his pioneering work remains relevant today and the discussion will be based on questions sent in by IOR members.

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Helen Czerski is a physicist who runs her own research programme at University College London on the physics of oceanic bubbles. Her enthusiasm and expertise have led to her role as a broadcaster which enables her to share her love of science with a larger audience. 

Alok Jha is the science and technology editor for The Economist, writing on everything from cosmology to particle physics and stem cells to climate change. He also hosts Babbage, the Economist’s weekly podcast on science and technology.

The webinar will be available at 9am, 4pm and 8pm on June 26. Sign up here to view the conversation.