Andy Pearson earns research recognition


07 June 2023
Andy Pearson of Star Refrigeration

Andy Pearson, group managing director of Star Refrigeration, has been recognised for his 18 years of contribution to ammonia and CO₂ refrigeration research.

He received a special award at the 10th International Conference of Ammonia and CO₂ Refrigeration Technologies held in Ohrid, North Macedonia.

Organised by the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Ss Cyril & Methodius –Skopje, the biannual specialist conference unites the world’s pre-eminent scientists and industry leaders to promote knowledge exchange and foster innovation in ammonia and CO₂ refrigeration technology. 

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Dr Pearson was presented with a plaque by Didier Coulomb, director of IIR, and Risto Ciconkov, president of the organising committee. The accolade marks Dr Pearson’s presence and seminal research papers presented at all 10 editions of the Ohrid conferences.

This year, Dr Pearson initiated proceedings with his paper, Energy Performance of Process Cooling Equipment, in which he explored the challenges in the benchmarking energy performance of cooling processes due to the great variety in system types and products processed. He also called for the development of data banks for different products and processes with the assistance and input from operators, saying that the key in benchmarking is to start data collecting as soon as possible in order to build up a pattern, even if the means of processing the data is not yet established.

The conference also addressed topics such as the design of modern ammonia and CO2 refrigeration and heat pump systems, energy efficiency, and safety and compliance issues associated with natural refrigerants.
Dr Pearson said: “I am honoured to receive this special plaque for having presented at all 10 Ohrid conferences. At Star Refrigeration, we remain committed to sharing innovative refrigeration knowledge and best practices underpinned by the most recent industry research.”