Airedale welcomes data centre customers


04 July 2019
air conditioning manufacturer data centre cooling
Guests on a tour of the Airedale International factory in Leeds
Air conditioning manufacturer Airedale International held an open day for its data centre customers at its manufacturing plant in Leeds.

The event attracted nearly 40 guests from Europe and the UK and was hugely successful, according to Airedale’s marketing manager Darren Farrar.
air conditioning manufacturer data centre cooling
Airedale marketing manager Darren Farrar
He said: “The event provided a rare opportunity for guests to see our world class facility first hand, see data centre equipment up close and hear directly from our experts on the latest industry innovations. Feedback from visitors was positive and it was a fabulous opportunity for us to show off our facilities to customers from across Europe, some of whom had flown in specially.''

The day started with a welcome breakfast and overview of the company, from its humble beginnings in 1974, to the world-wide operation it is today, delivered by sales director Paul Oliver. The guests were then given a tour of the factory and had the opportunity to attend two seminars, one on the evolution of DC cooling and the other on F-Gas refrigerants, delivered by business development director Stuart Kay and research and laboratory manager David Wilks, respectively.

Thius was followed by a guided tour of Airedale’s research & development facility and test chambers. Darren explained: “These labs are not usually open for visitors, due to them being where we keep products not yet ready for market, but we wanted our visitors to see our commitment and investment in future technology. There were several prototypes on display not yet released to market and the clients were able to speak to the engineers directly involved in developing them.”
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