Airedale launches AireWall ONE


21 November 2023
The new AireWall ONE fan wall from Airedale

Critical cooling specialist Airedale by Modine has launched a fan wall which it says has been developed in collaboration with the data centre industry.

AireWall ONE has built-in flexibility, with a parametric design allowing it to be configurable to physical space, and is intended to operate in sustainable facilities that prioritise energy efficiency. It will be manufactured in Spain, the UK and the US.

Developed with input from data centre end-users, consultants and contractors, the range is said to capitalise on the sustainability potential offered in data centres utilising higher air and water temperatures, delivering energy efficiency benefits across the whole cooling system.

A parametric configuration philosophy is at the heart of its design - with over 33,000 size permutations, clients can configure AireWall ONE to suit a multitude of construction and cooling requirements, within the following parameters:

•             200-650kW
•             2-12 EC centrifugal fans
•             6, 8 or 10 coil row options
•             Configurable footprint to suit the space

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Installation and maintenance teams were also heavily involved in the design process. Several contractor-friendly features have been designed into the range that simplify on-site maneuvering, positioning, commissioning and in-service maintenance.

Paul Golding, Global CRAH and CRAC Product Manager for Airedale, said: “Following an intense period of consultation with a range of industry specialists, we are delighted to launch AireWall ONE. This is an evolution of our previous AireWall range, improved to include the features that our clients have told us they now need as the industry continues to grow at an unprecedented rate.

“AireWall ONE bridges the gap between an effective fan wall and an intelligent, efficient computer room air handler. It has been designed to deliver a flexible, efficient and global solution to an industry striving for scalability and sustainability.

“Because it is a parametric design, clients can work with us to configure the units to their site and cooling design.  Airedale is part of Modine, a global leader in thermal management and cooling solutions. Airedale leverages this capability and expertise to configure the chilled water coils to the size of the unit and the required cooling output for each project. Our engineering teams and global production sites are ready; we’re extremely excited to make this range available to all our clients worldwide.”