Airedale International joins Made in Britain


24 February 2017
Yorkshire–based air conditioning manufacturer Airedale International has joined Made in Britain. 

Airedale has been manufacturing high-efficiency cooling systems just outside Leeds since 1974 and is proud of its British engineered products, fitting naturally with the vision of Made in Britain.
Made in Britain was founded in 2011 with the aim of helping everyone identify British-made products. The not-for-profit organisation now includes thousands of products from over 800 members, ranging from large manufacturers to small companies and start-ups, with Airedale joining Stoves, Synergy Health, Acorn Stairlifts, Dwelle, and King of Shaves among others.

Where ‘Made in’ is concerned, a report compiled by ‘Futurebrand’ reveals that ‘Made’ refers to the manufacturing aspect of the origin of a product. It is often related to legal certifications, the technologies involved ingredients and techniques as well as work ethics and safety standards. ‘In’ refers to the provenance and the geographical dimension of origin such as the location of the manufacturing process and the source of ingredients. ‘Made In’ therefore conveys information and associations that are both tangible and intangible, rational and emotional.

Joining the Made in Britain campaign and applying the marque on all UK manufactured products, serves as a means for customers to recognise goods that are manufactured in Great Britain, and empowers customer decisions with verification, and a marque, immediately identifying the country of origin’s expertise, ethics, quality standards, differentiation and authenticity. 

John Pearce, Chief Executive of Made in Britain, said: “We were delighted when Airedale applied to join the fast-growing Made in Britain community. Manufacturing and innovation in the thermal technology sector is well represented in our membership but Airedale’s work across commercial, industrial and the public sector means the Made in Britain marque will have an extended reach. The more buyers, specifiers and consumers that see the marque, the louder the voice to promote British made goods and the great companies that make them.”

Airedale exports to customers in over 60 different countries, including the Far East, Middle East, Africa and as far as New Zealand.

Tony Cole, Managing Director of Airedale International, said: “Our systems are engineered to perform. Conceptualised, designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, and applied worldwide. With innovation, performance and efficiency at their heart, we are proud of our British heritage.

“It is the values of quality British manufacturing which provides us with a platform to compete on a domestic and global scale, with world-class, industry-leading cooling solutions.

“By joining Made in Britain, unlike the vast proportion of our competitors, we are able to adopt a mark of distinction to our customer base. It is an assurance of quality, support and performance that is the DNA of our brand, and is demonstrated in the customer orientated systems we deliver.”

Closer to home, the impact manufacturing has had on the community has been tremendous. Airedale has 438 employees based at the Rawdon manufacturing HQ, and employs a further 107 staff members, of which over 50 are technical, controls and service and maintenance engineers who provide aftersales support to some of the UK’s largest data centres, maintaining uptime, and most importantly, energy efficiency.

UK manufacturing provides strong growth not just for the UK economy as a whole, but also for enriching local communities with opportunities, otherwise outsourced to countries where production and labour costs are lower.

Mr Cole added: “The Made in Britain marque is all about growing. We are a manufacturer who has innovation at our heart. Ambitions to grow, plans to increase sales, invest in people and deliver for the economy. UK manufacturing provides a strong foundation for growth in the UK. By embracing ‘Made in Britain’ as a celebration of ‘Best of British’, we can represent the pride of our employee base, deliver next generation systems to support our customer’s growth and develop a market for now and the future.”
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