Airedale expands chiller line-up


22 February 2023
SpiraChill from Airedale

Airedale by Modine has launched a new range of lower GWP chillers and heat pumps for the comfort market.

The critical cooling specialist has announced two new ranges -  SpiraChill and iChill – and says more will follow following its partnership with an external OEM. This first launch incorporates heat pump and cooling-only only options, using scroll and inverter screw technology, and delivers anywhere from 200kW to over 1400kW of cooling and/ or heating, with partial and/ or full heat recovery available. 

SpiraChill heat pump and cooling-only chiller range

SpiraChill is Airedale's scroll compressor chiller and heat pump solution. With a cooling and heating capacity extending to just over 1200kW, SpiraChill offers partial and full heat recovery on all models. SpiraChill uses the latest in scroll compressor technology, optimised for lower GWP refrigerant R32, and is said to offer excellent efficiency and versatility across a wide range of applications. 

Suitable for both comfort and process applications, SpiraChill operates with an in-built sequencer that permits up to 6 units to be added to the master unit, delivering flexibility and scalability. With scroll compressors that operate up to 8 stages, SpiraChill offers excellent part-load efficiencies and highly accurate set-point control. SpiraChill delivers SEERs of up to 4.90 (cooling only) and 4.80 (heat pump).

iChill from Airedale

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iChill cooling-only chiller and multi-function heat pump

iChill is Airedale’s first inverter-driven screw chiller and multi-function heat pump. Optimised for low GWP refrigerants R1234ze and R513a, iChill is said to deliver efficiency, versatility and performance. With capacities from 200-1400kW and with high full-load and seasonal efficiency, iChill is suitable for comfort and process applications and is available as a cooling-only chiller or multi-function 4-pipe heat pump unit, offering simultaneous heating and cooling operation. 

iChill operates with an in-built sequencer that permits up to six units to be added to the master unit. It delivers SEERs of up to 5.42 on the R1234ze range, and an EER of up to 3.16, with an SEER of up to 5.39 on the R513a range, and an EER of up to 3.32.

Both ranges are the results of a new agreement signed with an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) outside the Airedale group.

Jonathan Jones, commercial director for Airedale, said: “Working closely with some of the world’s best OEMs, we have been able to select a range of highly efficient, low GWP chillers and heat pumps that work across multiple compressor platforms.

“SpiraChill and iChill are our first from this range, with more to follow in the coming months. Coupling product with Airedale technical support services is our most efficient route to matching urgent demand from our UK customers, who want the reassurance of Airedale warranty and support and we are excited to bring this to our customers.”