Airedale and Aggreko strengthen links


30 August 2018
hvac cooling rental solutions
Airedale International has signed a preferred supplier agreement with Aggreko, providing customers with access to Aggreko’s extensive fleet of power generation and temperature control solutions, backed by Airedale's nationwide HVAC team.
Through this collaboration, customers will benefit from a total rental solution, from initial site survey through to installation, commissioning, servicing, refuelling and site removal.
In addition to rental services for breakdowns and planned maintenance under the agreement, Airedale will also provide the following specialist risk management and testing services:
  • Contingency planning a contingency plan package that encompasses; initial survey, identifying suitable equipment, with detailed site specific instructions and a guaranteed response time
  • Integrated Systems Testing (IST) testing services for data centres including; stress testing before installation, verifying the performance of generators, PDU’s and UPS units during commissioning and on an ongoing basis, and accurately simulating the load of power systems to ensure they can reliably meet the power needs of the site in question

Paul Roper, business manager, Airedale Rental Solutions, said: “Through years of experience, we have developed a strong working relationship with Aggreko. Becoming a preferred supplier to Aggreko is a source of great pride and a vote of confidence in the quality and ability of Airedale to scale its professional project management and technical capabilities.

“This agreement will offer our customers access to services which will benefit them greatly. In particular, the new contingency planning service, which will help our customers manage and control risk, and ensure peace of mind. Investing in contingency planning should be at the forefront for all businesses.”
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