Air Movement: Mansfield Pollard Adapts to New Ventilation Regulations


14 January 2016
Mansfield Pollard, the Bradford-based air movement solutions specialist, has made sure its ventilation solutions for non-residential applications now comply with the latest EU legislation on energy savings and greenhouse gases, the company announced recently.

The European Union brought out new rules in July 2014 to force ventilation solution manufacturers to make their product more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The new rules (EU No. 1253/2014) came into force on 1st January 2016 across the European Union, including the UK. 
Fortunately, Mansfield Pollard has prepared its product range to be ready for the new rules. Its bespoke air handling units (AHU) comply with the new design rules.

The EU Directive applies only to non-residential AHUs used in non-hazardous environments. All ventilation units have to meet a 'minimum energy performance'.

Mansfield Pollard sales and marketing director, Andrew Glen said:
“We strongly believe that as an industry we have a responsibility to design and supply air management solutions which are energy efficient and which minimise the creation of greenhouse gases.

​"We, therefore, welcome this new legislation and are working with our clients to help them understand the implications of this change in the regulatory requirements. As suppliers of tailor-made air handling units we have designed many thousands of Air Handling Units to exacting specifications and this change in the regulations is simply another criteria to which we have to adhere.”
​The ACR Journal visited the award-winning Mansfield Pollard in 2015 to see their air movement products being made. The company makes ventilation units for customers in the medical and healthcare sectors, as well as for clients in the catering, data centre and governmental sectors. 
Mansfield Pollard factory
Inside the Mansfield Pollard factory
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