Air Curtains for British Airways i360


22 February 2017
brighton british airways air curtains
The British Airways i360
JS Air Curtains has supplied 12 Mini Optima air curtains for the doorways at the British Airways i360 observation attraction in Brighton.

​The Mini Optima was chosen as the best fit for both the curved inner and outer doorways to keep the cool conditioned air in during the summer and the cold air out during the winter.
Each air curtain supplies up to 2,150m³/hr of air and up to 9kW/h of heat making them ideal for protecting the 2.6m high doorways. Units were required in both 1m and 1.5m lengths to cover the various entrance widths, while a grey RAL9006 colour was picked out for the zinc plated steel casing, to blend in with the interior design.

A British Airways i360 spokesperson said: ‘‘We are very happy with the performance of the air curtains."

The slim design of the Mini Optima air curtain makes it a popular choice for many applications including shops, offices and restaurants. Installation is simple as it is available as a single or, as in the case of the British Airways i360 project, three-phase option. With the power connections situated on the top of the unit, it avoids the need to open the casing to wire it in. Heating can be via LPHW or an electric heater and it is also available as an air only model. 

A micro-perforated inlet grille will filter the air entering the unit, avoiding the need to routinely replace or clean internal air filters. All the inlet grille requires for maintenance is a wipe or vacuum occasionally. The air curtain is supplied, as standard, with a manual controller with two fan speed selections or two heater stages for electrically heated models or units. Seven metres of control cable and an infrared hand held remote are included. The unit can also be connected to a BMS. 

British Airways i360 is on Brighton seafront and is the world's first vertical cable car. At 162m high it is also the world‘s tallest moving observation tower and offers panoramic 360-degrees views across Brighton & Hove and the Sussex coastline.
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