Aggreko warns of F-Gas risks


31 October 2019
Aggreko says there are many benefits to hiring equipment
Aggreko has warned against the potential pitfalls of continuing to run equipment on recycled refrigerant exempt from the upcoming F-Gas ban.
From January 1 2020, HFCs with a GWP of 2500 or more will be banned from new refrigeration systems. There will also be a ban on servicing existing equipment with virgin refrigerants with a GWP of more than 2500. 
Matt Watson
Aggreko believes political uncertainty is causing more companies to wait before investing in new refrigerants, and warns they could fall victim to market fluctuations and encounter unpredictable delays.

The changes in January will affect the use of R404A and R507 in commercial and industrial refrigeration systems and Aggreko says companies may benefit from hiring equipment in order to remain compliant as they consider their long-term options.

Matt Watson, temperature control specialist at Aggreko, said: “There are many benefits of hiring equipment when it comes to the F-Gas phase-out. For example, upgrading existing equipment or buying in a new system is likely to disrupt production while the work is carried out. Hiring equipment to operate during the downtime can ensure that processes continues as usual.
“Operators can also avoid any financing concerns by channelling capex into their core activity and avoid new system upgrade costs simply by running hired equipment for the long term. This can be especially useful in sites that are nearing the end of their useful lifetimes.”
For more information, download Aggreko’s Managing the F-Gas phase-out guide.
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