Aggreko suggests surge in equipment hire after lockdown


04 March 2021

Matt Watson, a manufacturing specialist at Aggreko Northern Europe, has highlighted the potential shortfall of funding to secure climate control equipment for commercial and industrial premises after lockdown.

Watson comments: "The disruption brought on by the pandemic means that a lot of businesses do not have the capital required for new utility equipment, yet the industry is not going to stand still as lockdown restrictions are lifted – in fact, much the opposite. The months following this will be crucial to many businesses, so being able to use temporary solutions to ramp up production could help many manufacturers recover and even thrive post-lockdown.”

Outdated installations that have laid dormant during the pandemic may also experience issues when fully reactivated, especially if their maintenance schedules have been disrupted.  “It has been understandably difficult for companies to keep up with maintenance due to staff furloughs and ever-tightening financial margins," said Watson. "However, the consequences of equipment failure and unplanned downtime at this critical time could be devastating to many businesses. As such, well-maintained hire solutions could take pressure off existing assets.

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“Manufacturers are naturally more risk-averse after this long, demanding and unprecedented period, and this is absolutely understandable. With this in mind, rental equipment could present a means by which organisations can recover following a pandemic-induced disruption, without the prohibitive costs required to purchase solutions outright.”