Aermec UK strengthens sales team


03 May 2019
vac chillers air conditioning cooling aermec
Alan Tyson
vac chillers air conditioning cooling aermec
Stuart Allen
Aermec UK has strengthened its sales team with three appointments as part of the company’s expansion strategy, which it says has a strong momentum in the UK and Europe.
Alan Tyson has worked in the HVAC industry for 50 years, holding senior posts at Carrier as a commercial director and UTC Power in the US as sales and marketing director for EMEA, based in the UK.
Stuart Allen has spent over 30 years in air conditioning technical sales and management. More recently he was UK sales & operations director & HVAC solutions director at Carrier. Stuart is focused on the Midlands where he is well known to consultants and contractors and will be responsible for accelerating Aermec’s sales in in all markets.
Ian Cummings, having worked both in HVAC technical sales with Carrier and HVAC project management with Crown House Engineering, is respected by industry peers and will be providing professional technical support in the application of HVAC systems and chillers. 
Aermec says that all three will be supporting consulting engineers with innovative HVAC solutions that address legislative requirements, but also deliver measurable energy savings and optimal performance. 
Stuart Allen said: “The industry is undergoing many changes, particularly surrounding the application of new refrigerants. Aermec is at the forefront, taking advantage of the latest technologies and materials to provide customers with the best solutions for their applications.
“Aermec offers a wide range of innovative HVAC products and is well placed within the industry to address the increasing demand for high capacity air and water-cooled heat pumps, which recent industry nominations and awards substantiate.”
Paul Lawrence, managing director of Aermec UK, said: “As Aermec looks to capitalise on its design and manufacturing capabilities, these appointments will take us to new heights as we continue to grow. The experience and strategic expertise, combined with their proven successes, reinforces our commitment to addressing the evolving needs of our customers and delivering a first-class service.”
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