Aermec secures UKCA certification


12 July 2022
Michele Gioachin of Aermec

Aermec has secured certification for the new product marking required for the UK well ahead of the deadline. At the end of the year all applicable products will be required to hold the UK Conformity Assessment (UKCA) mark.

“The clock’s ticking and many HVAC companies are unaware and unprepared for the January 1 2023 deadline,” says Aermec UK’s president Michele Gioachin. 

“The UKCA is mandatory for all applicable products placed in the UK market. With an extensive customer base across the EU and UK covering many markets including commercial buildings, leisure, data centres and other mission critical sites, it was essential we met the new regulations in plenty of time.”

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The UKCA mark is the UK’s new product marking which covers most products that previously held the CE mark. THE UKCA will not be recognised within the European Union, but all products that require CE marking will still require a CE mark so that they can be sold within the EU.

CE marking will only be recognised within the UK until the end of this year, but will continue to be recognised in the EU’s 27 member countries.

From 2023 any business requiring access to the British market will be considered importers whereas previously they were classified as distributors, and must conform to the relevant UKCA regulations. Any companies looking to have products in the EU and the UK will be required to hold both UKCA and CE marking.