Aermec offers remote testing


09 March 2020

Chiller and AHU manufacturer Aermec UK is offering its customers a remote testing solution in response to the growing coronavirus outbreak.

In collaboration with building services contractor T Clarke, Aermec is enabling customers to benefit from witness testing equipment at the manufacturing facility near Verona, in Italy, by video link. The planned move is said to be part of the company’s on-going environmental strategy to reduce its carbon footprint and deliver tangible savings for customers, and has been brought forward because of the coronavirus situation.

Aermec UK Managing Director Paul Lawrence said: “We have been planning for some time how we can minimise travel for our employees but also assist our customers who have traditionally travelled to the factory in Italy to monitor Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT).

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“With the Coronavirus starting to have an impact on businesses and some companies wary of employees taking business trips, we decided to offer video-conferencing facilities sooner, to alleviate customer concerns and help those whose travel is restricted. The technology is available and it makes sense to use it.”

The provision of a video link for customers who do not wish to travel, ensures that the testing of their equipment can still be observed and discussed real-time. The test screen will be monitored and there will be a live link into the test cell enabling customers to fully participate, view data and discuss any questions as they arise.

Video-conferencing also offers flexibility and the opportunity for more customers from the same company to engage in the tests without incurring flights and hotel costs.